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Thread: How to save Emails from POP account to Inbox

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    How to save Emails from POP account to Inbox

    The problem is yesterday I have set up the POP3 account for the intention of to download emails from yahoo server. While doing so, I have not remembered to mark the check box "Leave a copy in the server". Now because of this each and every one emails downloaded leave-taking inbox unfilled. I want to archive back from POP to Inbox. Is there whichever method to accomplish this?

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    Re: How to save Emails from POP account to Inbox

    You should take note of your email settings (see the summary sheet shown below). Contact ESP and take note of all the details you need to enter settings. During the configuration process, you need to know these details to complete. You can print the paper and write on it or paste it into a text document and save it to your Mac keeps the paper for future reference if needed.

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    Re: How to save Emails from POP account to Inbox

    The box "after recovery" will determine whether the message is directly responsible once removed (immediately / when moved) or deleted with a delay time (day, week, month). This is very important in the context of POP accounts (orange, Hotmail, free ...). If you leave the message on the server, any other mail software that will connect goes back to retrieve the mail marked as unread. Hello duplicates! If you delete it, you'll have no way to recover the mail on another machine (except the redirect)

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    Re: How to save Emails from POP account to Inbox

    If your profile contains together Microsoft Exchange Server like a POP3 email account, plus set default settings intended for every one of new messages are delivered mail within the mailbox of Exchange Server, in that case every one new messages established in together accounts stored within the Inbox in Exchange Server. Hence, the downloaded POP3 messages are stored within together the Exchange account the same as the Exchange server.
    To maintain the emails divide from POP3 email messages from Exchange Server account, you can modify the delivery spot of the POP3 email account toward a Personal Folders file.

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