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Thread: Opera mini is unable to stay connected

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    Opera mini is unable to stay connected

    I have a sony ericsson W800i mobile phone with t-mobile provider. I am unable to stay online with the opera mini. It gets disconnected. If I am on the same page for long, it gets disconnected. If I want to navigate to another page then I have to use a new gprs connection. New gprs connection leads me to pay more. For example if my first page is about 9 kb, my service provider charges for 100kb and if my second page is about 20 kb then also they charge for 100kb. I don’t know why this is so? I hope you all understand by what I mean. Any suggestions would be highly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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    Re: Opera mini is unable to stay connected

    Actually as long as opera mini is open, you are online. Let me tell you that it doesn’t cost you anything to connect again. The thing is that you have to pay for more data you download. So if you are navigating to another page then definitely you will have to pay for it whether you re-connect or just stay connected. I hope this piece of information is important for you. Thank you

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    Re: Opera mini is unable to stay connected

    Pricing for kb’s is actually company’s standards so one can’t help much regarding this. You will have to obviously pay for the download. When you open next page, data gets downloaded so it is not how much but the level of data and price are maintained. It is same with the internal wapbrowser. If you minimize the browser, the connection will be closed. And if you reconnect then you will have to pay more. I am not using opera mini but it is the same.

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    Re: Opera mini is unable to stay connected

    I think there is some problem with your mobile phone. I would suggest you check the settings of your phone. You can move to the sony ericsson gallery and confirm about the issue. They are experts and they will guide you properly.

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