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Thread: Using IE Tweaker to Repair, fix and Tweak IE

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    Using IE Tweaker to Repair, fix and Tweak IE

    Hello guys I have been thinking about getting a complete knowledge about the IE tweaker and how can we use it to tweak and repair to fix the internet explorer. So please help me out of this and give me some suggestion tell me all about it so that I would be getting a good idea so if I would be needing to deal with it then there should not be any problem so please help me.

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    Re: Using IE Tweaker to Repair, fix and Tweak IE

    Ok so basically let’s see what IE tweaker is all about so what I know about it is, IE tweaker is a freebie that has been very useful to fix the various issues regarding the internet explorer. For me it has been really an awesome program which has been useful in fixing the number of tweaks and problems and it also deal with the option of enabling and disabling any of the option for the ease and that to without dealing with any registry and all. Lastly I would be saying that the IE tweaker would be a great utility which would be used to solve lots of problem without dealing with the windows registry.

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    Re: Using IE Tweaker to Repair, fix and Tweak IE

    Definitely I would be supporting all the words from the above poster and I would add something in it, I would say that they are having 90+ tweaks and fixes which it has been able to deal with. I would like to talk about some of the option of the IE tweaker which are really very helping so look below.

    1) Browsing option: Option to turn off and on the Sounds, Picture Display, Smooth Scrolling, Automatic Image resizing, clear type font, Animation very quickly so I would be saying that it is a very nice option.
    2) Clear Junk Files: it would be quickly removing the temporary IE files, cookies, history, passwords, and AutoComplete data so it is another better option.
    3) Tweak IE menu is having some of the tabs like:
    • Basic Tweaks: Gives you a turn on and off menu bar and the bar, Tabbed browsing, full screen mode, Caret browsing support etc.
    • Browser Menus: disabling and enabling the Browser menu.
    • Toolbars: Hide and unhide options for the status bar and command bars.
    • Control Panel: Hide and unhide the tabs by going into tools and internet option.
    • Advanced: Turn on and off various options such as compatibility views.
    Am sure this would be giving you a good idea.

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    Re: Using IE Tweaker to Repair, fix and Tweak IE

    I wonder no one has been talking about the restrictions in this thread till now I think it has been left for me and I need to be with it ok so lets begin with the restrictions and the 1st restriction in this IE tweaker is menu option tab.
    • Restrictions tab: This tab does provide you with the options which are like changing default search provider, Add-ons management, Autocomplete features.
    • Settings tab: This would be restricting the users to change various settings.
    • Security: it would be turning on and off the option such as InPrivate Browsing and the flitering.
    • Repair: It provides you with the options to repair and fix the issues for the internet explorer.

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    Re: Using IE Tweaker to Repair, fix and Tweak IE

    What I would like to say you that is before using the IE tweaker you need to take some security because there may be a point where you may not be liking the changes made by the Tweaker so you would be wanting to restore the previous stuffs again and so I would be telling you that just keep the backup of the windows registry by creating the restore point and then use the IE tweaker this would help you a lot.

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    Re: Using IE Tweaker to Repair, fix and Tweak IE

    Seems to be a nice application lets began than and find out whats my personal view and how it has been behaving with me hopefully it would be nice with me too as it has been with you guys and i would be able to enjoy the facilities and have a good response.

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