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Thread: Internet Explorer Users are Dumb

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    Internet Explorer Users are Dumb

    Internet explorer users dumb. I found some article based on this posted by The Telegraph. It was that Internet Explorer users have lower than average IQ. That was really hurting...

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    Re: Internet Explorer Users are Dumb

    You cannot say the same for all Internet Explorer users. They are still many and even I use it. I know there are other browsers which have many new features and support but you can notice that many university, government, etc site works only on Internet Explorer for security issue. Firefox is liked for better interface and add-on, but it freeze like hell when you add all of them. Opera also freezes a lot. The best thing about Internet Explorer is faster surfing experience and SmartScreen Filter. You are not aware about many of this features.

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    Re: Internet Explorer Users are Dumb

    No offense to you AkshatShetty but I agree to daniel23 It doesn't mean that all users of IE is dumb even I am using Fifefox as a browser. I think we have our own opinion in what would be the best for us to use also for what would be good and handy for us. Even IE is just a simple browser it really takes it's own appreciation to other user.

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