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Thread: No separate Search Bar in Internet Explorer 9

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    No separate Search Bar in Internet Explorer 9

    Why is der no separate search in the search bar like the old IE. Please bring back the search bar where I cold keep the same search term. Don't have to keep typing in the same search every time for every search engine like Google and Yahoo. I hate the new IE9!

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    Re: No separate Search Bar in Internet Explorer 9

    In Internet Explorer you don’t need to have separate search bar. You can directly search it from the explorer bar now. Type a word or phrase in the Address bar, select a search engine icon at the bottom where an expanded bar gives ou results of Google yahoo and other search engines. Then press Enter and you get the results like you want with the different search bar. You can also add other search providers which are not default by making them default. To make them default by following the steps below: Click Menu and then Tools and click ‘Manage Add-ons’ and under ‘Add-on Types’ click on ‘Search Providers’. Here you can select one of the listed as the default search engine or change it by adding any site of your own as the search engine. Now, whenever you type in the address bar the google or yahoo search results are shown. Now, since you need to search same keyword with different providers use Ctrl + E then type your query. Then enter and you get the result. And when you wanna change the search provider type Ctrl + E again and select a different provider from the drop-down list below it. You can do this for unlimited time and search with all the service providers you want.

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    Re: No separate Search Bar in Internet Explorer 9

    You can disable address bar searching in IE9 options. Tools < Internet Options < General Tab < Click "Settings" under search. It will pull up a list of your search providers... you can remove all but google, and then there is a a checkbox in the bottom left corner of the window which says "Search in the Address bar". Just uncheck it!

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