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Thread: Torrent client not working in opera

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    Torrent client not working in opera

    Guys I don’t understand why I am not able to use the torrent client in the opera 11.11 whats wrong with this please help me with this? Anyone able to use it please tell me how to do that? Any suggestion over it would be fine.

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    Re: Torrent client not working in opera

    Well I haven’t been using opera from long but I just started using It and I tried to use the torrent as I wasn’t able to use it as well and I have worked hard over it and I have found out that they don’t work with opera I don’t know if I am completely right but I have read this over some forum that they are not useable with the opera browser.

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    Re: Torrent client not working in opera

    Yap that’s true they are only useable with the trackers and PEX. DHT which is trackerless and the transfers will never be working with it. They haven’t been developed for that and the solution for that is use other browser to download the torrent and that would be the best choice.

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    Re: Torrent client not working in opera

    And its never going to work i haven't been using this browser but searching for it to help you out and in this time i found out that they are unable to work with the torrent files. After that i have also tried a lot but this haven't been possible with me too. I kept going through all the threads and helping sites for the opera too get some help but there was nothing i have found the same thing every where that this is not going to happen with the opera, i was wondering that there would be some trick which would be letting us do this like some changes in the settings or the scripting or something but not possible. I think they need to work over this and make it get done because this has been a time in which the torrent has been the important factor while downloading and when they are not having a torrent download i dont think most of the users would be ever liking to be with this browser. And this can be considered as one of the major drawback for the browser.

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