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Thread: copy& paste in facebook

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    unsure copy& paste in facebook

    I've been using copy & paste to post links in my facebook page. It was working fine and when I copy a link it appears in blue & when I share that It puts the link and if it is an article or you tube video it puts the name or the photo associated with it but today copy & paste doesn't work as it used to be, instead it copies and when pasting it just paste as a text not a link. I tried logging iut and sign in again & restart my laptop but no luck. I logged in another computer & nothing wrong with my facebook & copy & paste is working fine. Could anyone help, plyz

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    Re: copy& paste in facebook

    Well, if there is some problem with the facebook server then it possible to face such problem. There could be also a few bug in the facebook text editor. I have also experienced this problem on my computer with facebook, sometime it copies and somettimes it doesnt. What I do is that highlight the text that I want to copy and right click on the mouse and choose option to either move it or copy/cut it and then accordingly move it to any specific folder.
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    Re: copy& paste in facebook

    so please check if copy paste works with this little tool advantages:

    only copy action needed, you take the facebook-button which is shown by clickto above your mouse and your link will be published on FB
    that works also to post pics on FB
    links are posted as links (thats what you wanted)
    much more actions available (f.e. flickr, gmail, wikipedia (...))

    any questions?
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