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Thread: What is new in WordPress 3.2

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    What is new in WordPress 3.2

    After the huge success of the previous version, WordPress 3.2 also unveil its latest batch. It mainly prepares the arrival of a more important and no longer supports PHP 4 and MySQL 4. WordPress 3.2 is now available for download. WordPress 3.2 introduces a page Credits highlighting the main contributors. This page is available via the link in the footer of WordPress installations. The new version is made faster and lighter. All the obsolete technologies are removed from it to make it all faster and that the typing experience is lighter and peaceful. Version 3.2 also features new themes or templates for creating blogs, which aim to "fulfill the plans to replace the default themes every year. With this release users will find more options to customize your blog, a constant goal for WordPress.

    New Additions :
    • WordPress 3.2 Innovation and improves the side of the admin panel. The online demo is up to date.
    • WordPress 3.2 embarks with him a new default theme. The theme will enable beginners to understand the architecture of a theme, and the methodology to learn how to create your own theme.
    • In Wordpress 3.2 there is an integration with WordPress version 3.4.2 of TinyMCE editor. Buttons on this visual editor has therefore been a slight change in graphics. Adjust the colors depending on the color scheme used for the admin panel of WordPress, via your profile.
    • WordPress 3.2 makes life easier for editors. In fact, wanting to best optimize the editorial space of WordPress, the developers are testing a new full screen, eliminating distractions.
    • Improved API listing of tables - more flexibility to use third-party API

    The most important change is probably a problem with user rights, which is fixed with WordPress 3.1.2. Employees were able to publish articles under certain circumstances even though they should have this in itself confers no rights. Although employees can write lyrics, but did not publish directly but only to revise present. Then another user can unlock this with the appropriate rights. Only then is the article in the blog would be visible.

    The latest version of WordPress also incorporates enhancements aimed at optimizing code performance. In this sense, the company explained that users will have to have PHP 5.2.4 and MySQL 5 to use the new version of its software as it stops supporting older versions. With this measure, WordPress stops supporting older browsers, as other platforms and services have already adopted. Since WordPress ensure that version 3.2 contains many more new features, including improvements in the speed of updates and presentation of images.

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    Re: What is new in WordPress 3.2

    Wordpress has a default set of strictly limited only to the menus which is page headings, recent posts, links, recent comments, why cannot to make an arbitrary navigation. The visual editor looks buggy. Without a basic knowledge of html you cannot work on that. Although the new version of this engine is still encouraging. When you install the new version of wordpress your site then your old templates becomes useless to an extent. You can do nothing much on that.

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    Re: What is new in WordPress 3.2

    If you are going for that then I will advice you to use WP SuperCache with this. It requires Apache modules: mod_mime, mod_expires mod_headers and. Remember to activate it. If your blog gets a lot of comments in a short time, select rebuild cache that regenerates a static page for each consultation. The principle of the cache is as old as the web which means not to reused content already available, if it does not change. The principle of WP SuperCache is simple: you can use the static HTML versions of your dynamic pages.

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