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Thread: Tracking Cookie Keeps Coming Back

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    Tracking Cookie Keeps Coming Back

    I face trouble whenever I run my Ad-Aware Antivirus by Lavasoft. It always detects the same tracking cookie ''. I tried to remove adaware, it does and then after a reboot and browsing, I perform another check and it returns. To get rid of it I continue repairing it again and again. I am having antivirus, firewall etc running on my windows Xp operating system and its updated but no help. How do I prevent it?

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    Re: Tracking Cookie Keeps Coming Back

    You have to follow certain instruction as I recommend. The steps are as follows- First go to Internet Options, in that go to Security Tab and then at last go to Restriced Sites Zone. Simple words follow this path Internet Options\Security Tab\Restriced Sites Zone. In that add this exactly as seen: * This will restrict the site zone and you will get no more cookies from them.

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    Re: Tracking Cookie Keeps Coming Back

    Another best and simple option I have. The only thing you have to do is Use SpywareBlaster and SpyBot. Use these two with the immunize feature. Also use Ad-Aware if possible. This will take care of your problems for ever. I am sure you won’t receive this cookie tracking again and again. Hope this suggestion of mine helps you and this tracking problem of your Ad-Aware Antivirus by Lavasoft don’t disturb you in future.

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    Re: Tracking Cookie Keeps Coming Back

    If your problem of this cookie is still not resolved then you can delete it and block the 3rd party cookies to set. For this you don’t need any special software for that. Do some research over the internet and you will have a page that will help you with this. The cookie works only for the browser and for the computer that you set it on. Try using Firefox on your home computer. I am sure it will block Cookie 207.

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