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Thread: can’t login on my ICQ account

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    can’t login on my ICQ account

    Hey guys I am using the ICQ since 2 months it was the awesome experience I ever got but recently I downloaded the latest version the ICQ messenger when I m trying to login to my account it says unable to login to your account I don’t know what is the problem actually and what is going one thus anyone have the same glitch. Need suggestion and please tell me how to overcome this problem and how to connect with the ICQ.Thank you

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    Re: can’t login on my ICQ account

    I suggested you that please check your user name first mean check for the spelling mistake if any after that check that you user id is valid. Secondly check your password that means check your password is valid or not if not then enter proper password still problem persist then check caps Lock Is on or not if on the off it then again enter your password because it is case sensitive. After that I suggested you that do not share your password with others.

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    Re: can’t login on my ICQ account

    First check that your internet connection is available or not if connection is not available then check your internet connection speed if internet is not available then troubleshoot the problem again problem persist then contact to your internet service provider .then check the system requirements needed for the ICQ messenger if not supported then install compatible version with your system requirements.

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    Re: can’t login on my ICQ account

    Hey I prefer you that remove the ICQ messenger and reinstall it. After that enter your proper username and password and then click on the login option after that problem persist then check for your internet connectivity if internet connection not available then check for the internet connection means remove your internet connection and connect it again after that check your ICQ messenger version is valid.

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