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Thread: How to Disable tooltips in opera

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    How to Disable tooltips in opera

    Opera web browser has been a favorite browser from the past several years for me. Whatever the browsing work I have I simply use Opera because of the capability to hold multiple tabs at a time without any problem or even memory leak, crash, freeze etc. I know several customized settings in this browser. Now I have upgraded to latest version and that is opera v11.11. Now what I want to do is to disable the tooltips of button bar as well as the tab bar. Is it really possible to do this in opera?

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    Re: How to Disable tooltips in opera

    Displaying the URL address that the link sets off toward within the tooltip is one of the aspects of Opera that a number of populace selects that browser specially to search out. In view of the fact that showing the target of the link is safer than not showing it (which is why additional browsers all exhibit it inside the status bar and don't permit the webpage to dominate it there) there is no cause for wishing to disable.

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    Re: How to Disable tooltips in opera

    To suppress the tooltip in OPERA means not Javascript. That means we need to remove the attribute TITLE altogether. I.e. Change your "chi" - you have to write help text, for example, the attribute ALT, and the attribute of the TITLE tag does remove the links. Accordingly, you will have little to alter the script, which is done by replacing the unit - look in the script code, all references to the word title (That's right, lower case) and replace it with the word alt (too - lower case). Everything will work fine in all browsers (use to replace this with any text editor, just check the "Match case").

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    Re: How to Disable tooltips in opera

    This tweak eliminates tool tips from showing while the mouse moves crossways objects that support the exhibit of tool tips.
    • Start->Run and Type "regedit"
    • Now Go to the following key: "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced"
    • Data Type: REG_DWORD [Dword Value] // Value Name: ShowInfoTip
    • Adjust/generate the Value Name [ShowInfoTip] in accordance with the Value Data listed underneath.
    • Value Data: [0 - ShowInfoTip Disabled / 1 - ShowInfoTip Enabled]
    • Exit Registry as well as Reboot

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    Re: How to Disable tooltips in opera

    Tooltip is a very useful feature in opera browser. Those who are using the system for the first time then this thing really helpful. However for experienced user this feature is very irritating. So they want to get rid of it because Tooltip pop-ups explain information while you move over the links otherwise buttons. If you feel like to put out of action (otherwise re-enable) tooltip pop-ups in Opera, go after the steps underneath:
    • Set off to either:

    • Windows/UNIX: Settings > Preferences > Advanced > Browsing
    • Mac: Opera > Preferences > Advanced > Browsing
    • Uncheck the "Show tooltips" box choice to put out of action, otherwise check to allow tooltips.

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    Re: How to Disable tooltips in opera

    To enable otherwise disable precise tooltip pop-ups, alter/put in definite settings physically inside the opera6.ini file through following the steps underneath:
    1. Set off to Help > About Opera and come across the position of your opera6.ini file.
    2. Close Opera. This is significant or the settings will not be altered.
    3. Open opera6.ini into a text editor.
    4. Come across the [User Prefs] part and gaze for the following:
      • Popup button help=0
        Display Link Title=0
    5. If these thingss are set toward zero (0), they are disabled. Changing it to one (1) will permit them over again.

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    Re: How to Disable tooltips in opera

    strong arm is talking about the new tab tooltips, there is now a workaround,

    If you have disabled tooltips, there is a workaround: Enable opera:config#UserPrefs|DebugSkin. If you use tooltips, this will not work as it will show skin info in tooltips. This seems to be a bug, but it turns the tab tooltips off.

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