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Thread: My Facebook account is suspended

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    My Facebook account is suspended

    My problem was two weeks ago, when I try to log back on to face and I get the message "account suspended". I follow all the steps, but when I click the button associated to my email, I do not get the unlock code. I tried to contact the staff, but each time, on the email I responded with my password, my contact was correct . Now more than ways to take co. Ideas? is a common occurrence on my own? Please help me out of this issue.

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    Re: My Facebook account is suspended

    Well I was also facing the similar kind of issue few days back and what I did here is that followed the instruction by Facebook itself it was saying me that Your account has been temporarily suspended and has detected suspicious activity in your account with Facebook, which has been temporarily suspended as a precautionary measure. Your account may have been damaged because you entered your password into a website created to look like Facebook, but you have "stolen" the password. This type of fraud is called "phishing."

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    Re: My Facebook account is suspended

    Guys I will solve your problem, however I recommend just tell you how do you spread the word because many people need to be but I just can not do it to please everyone then also I had the exact same problem. I do not know why Hotmail blocks certain contacts alone, now I'll explain that if you go on hotmail at the top right there under your name, click options, go to other options will open a Paggino and you have to look: Allowed and blocked you click on and see that they appear in the right list of contacts that you end up you click on and remove.

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    Re: My Facebook account is suspended

    Well the first thing that I want you to do here is that just try and check the account on which your Facebook account is registered I mean Gmail , yahoo, hotmail or any other . Just go and see whether you have any email in your inbox regarding the same. And if there is then I want you to click the link provided and then enter the new password and confirm it. I am sure your account will be logged in and you will not face any further issues related to the same.

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    Re: My Facebook account is suspended

    To me the same thing happened last night and I could no longer access my Facebook account. the code between each other and so I did not get any response to my requests to the service center. Among other things I use Alice and e-mail and I checked in and there is Facebook blocked contacts, so I do not understand why no message arrives. Furthermore, it is impossible to cancel. I hope that I will receive help as soon as possible.

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