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Thread: Facebook search facility not working

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    Facebook search facility not working

    Hello friends, is any one know why face book search facility isn't working was trying to search for a specific words 'Posts by everyone' but I’m only getting a single search result from it. Like if anyone tries to search the words dogs then the search result should show lots of result by various users’ who had recently mention dogs. Even if you try it hours later with different word u will face the same problem. Does anyone know what might be the cause of this problem?

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    Re: Facebook search facility not working

    Even I had notice the same problem. I have being doing a lots of name search on face book to add detail in my GMAIL contacts list. When I’m trying to search my friends who all are already present in my list in face book it only return the web information. I’m facing the same problem with my other facebook account which is marked as guilty as it is being used from same IP address. Anyone facing the same problem regarding search facility.

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    Re: Facebook search facility not working

    I had report about this problem few days before but I’m still facing the same issue and it not yet solved. I was trying to search my old friends and when I put a name on search bar is come up with nothing. I had tried to do this by uploading a contact list but it doesn’t solve my problem. I think so this is a major issue in face book as mostly people search for other user in it as it is a social networking site. Does anyone know when this issue will going to resolve.

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    Re: Facebook search facility not working

    My problem is similar like you when I try to search anything I don’t get any result. I think so this might be due to too many user are using the search engine at the same time that’s why it take time to compare the content you had specified. Being putting lots of name and it come up with nothing and thus say Search not working try again later. Hope this will help everyone who all is facing the same problem. Don’t worry much it will start working again soon.

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    Re: Facebook search facility not working

    Everyone is facing this problem because face book people search functionality is not working properly from past few days. I’m not sure when this problem will going to solved but this is a major problem as here people search for the other user mostly as this is a communication tool so people usually search for others with whom they are not connected. But I think so this is temporary issue and will be solved as soon as possible.

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