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Thread: A Certain Website Does Not Come on My Computer

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    A Certain Website Does Not Come on My Computer

    Few days back I was attempting to change things in my internet options , so for that I removed cookies , As by which I will able to download blogs designs , as instructed by site, So by that something went wrong, because of which I wasn’t able to open that at all. So now what should I have to do to fix this problem. Please help me out for the solution, in step by step way. Thanks in advance for the help .

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    Re: A Certain Website Does Not Come on My Computer

    It will helpful, If u tell me about the web browser you are using and version of it. So it will help me to assist you for the solution of this problem, As there are also possibility of Virus effect, due to which you are facing this problem, better you should run Anti- Virus Once to check out whether that it is not happening due to consequence of virus, as there are also possibility that the site may contain some Virus like malware, due to which your Anti – Virus is blocking that website to be access by your system.

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    Re: A Certain Website Does Not Come on My Computer

    Download C Cleaner, ( C Cleaner is the number-one tool for cleaning your Windows PC. Keep your privacy safe online, and make your computer faster and more secure) or some other software which cleans and fixes registry and clear cookies and caches, so there may be chances of getting solution of this problem, this software’s are easily and freely available on net. And regular cleans the unwanted file from our system and keep it functioning fast, registry fixing may also be very useful function provide by this software, so u can further go with this , if cleaning doesn’t fix the problem.

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    Re: A Certain Website Does Not Come on My Computer

    Open internet Explorer 9 and Click on the tools on your right top and then click on internet setting , than advance tab option will appear , click on it. After doing this , at the bottom of that window click on reinitialize default settings and then press ok . Now after doing this all. Restart your computer and your problem will be solved, and after this also if it not happening than let me know, I will assist you for further solution of your problem.

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