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Thread: Extensions are missing in Google chrome

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    Extensions are missing in Google chrome

    I am using Google chrome browser and I have computer with windows XP, all I know that it was working properly and I was having all my extensions in it. I am using this browser from couple of months and today when I opened my browser then I found that all my extensions of chrome are missing and I don’t know why it happened. I am using windows XP as my operating system, so please tell me the solution for this so that I can solve it immediately.

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    Re: Extensions are missing in Google chrome

    As you are using windows XP as your operating system and I found that new versions of browsers are creating some problems when installed on Windows XP. Well do one thing, go in Google chrome, select options, you will see clear browser data. Select this option and then block all the third party cookies before you remove all the browser data. Now try adding the extensions and I guess these extensions would not disappear further.

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    Re: Extensions are missing in Google chrome

    Hey buddy I was also having the same problem. I asked my friend to help me. He downloaded the ccleaner software, installed in my computer and ran it. This Ccleaner software will remove all the unwanted programs which are blocking and try adding the extensions again. Then reboot your computer one more time. Well it worked for me very well. You can try using this software. I hope this helps you.

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    Re: Extensions are missing in Google chrome

    You re-download these extensions and always try to keep a backup copy by clicking the Install button on that web page on any PC and save it as a file. crx which can then be reused by chromium by selecting a program from a list from windows doesn’t know what kind of file. Google Chrome should be one of the recommended programs as I am attached with this application. So I suggest you also to do this and then it would help you to solve your problem.

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    Re: Extensions are missing in Google chrome

    Since Google's support is not jumping in to help, you may have to look a little more on your own. Some extensions might not work or have some problem using it, so ensure that these are genuine extensions. Then try to have some good antivirus program because there might be a case where some virus could lead the problem. One of these tools can be the elimination of things that should not be. Just check it out is any one of them creating problem or not.

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    Re: Extensions are missing in Google chrome

    I guess this would be happening because your browser is not functioning properly. There are some extensions which would not be compatible with your browser, so better option would be that you should have an updated version of your chrome browser so that all chrome extensions would be compatible with your browser. So download and install the updated version on your computer and I guess all the extensions would get retain on your browser.

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