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Thread: How to avoid unwanted Tag on Facebook

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    How to avoid unwanted Tag on Facebook

    Hey I have a friend who is having a problem with online sellers who keep tagging her for their products. His Facebook account is set to Private - Friends only and the ones tagging him aren't really his friends on Facebook. I need Help..She keeps asking me all the time just because I am on net surfing for lots of time, but don’t know how to help her?

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    re: How to avoid unwanted Tag on Facebook

    There are most of the ads from apps that your friend might have installed. Just as your friends have permission to post on your wall.the applications which are installed Have the same function. A video on FB does show this. So try avoiding accepting games and apps just for time pass.They would ask for giving them permission to access your personal info. I would suggest try avoiding that.

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    re: How to avoid unwanted Tag on Facebook

    What should I do when my name is tagged to a picture that has nothing to do with me and then it is showed up as a new picture bar on my wall? How do i get rid of it? How do i stop people from tagging myself ? I don’t even know many of them! I am just pissed off, please help me getting rid of this crap!

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    re: How to avoid unwanted Tag on Facebook

    A friendly but hectic advice. I do it lot myself because I don’t have any other options other then that. Just untag yourself. It did happened to me. I used to untag myself everytime I was being tagged. It's very irritating that you get notifications to photos you're not even part of. For example a nature’s photo, some weird pics etc! If any other solution for this problem then do tell me about it!

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    re: How to avoid unwanted Tag on Facebook

    Removing the post will delete that particular post from your wall. But, someone will do it again and it can still appear on your profile or business page in the future. If you dont want that application to show on your wall any time in the future, you have to select the block action. The same action you can done for all the applications you want to do. No other Quick action can be taken as such!

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    Re: How to avoid unwanted Tag on Facebook

    Firstly, I thought someone can tag you in the picture only if it's a friend with you.
    Secondly, you can always untag yourself from a picture with a simple click.

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