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Thread: How to send onenote on IE9?

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    How to send onenote on IE9?

    I have started using the Internet Explorer 9 beta version. I liked it very much but there is one thing that I am not able to get in this. Actually I wish to send the web page on which I am at that instance to one note. I don’t know that how can I do that. You might consider me as a noob for internet but really I need to know answer for that.

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    Re: How to send onenote on IE9?

    It’s very simple to do that. All you have to do is just right click on that page and you will get one of the options as the Send to OneNote. Now you will have to add the address where you wish to send that and just follow simple onscreen instructions on that. You will be able to do that very easily after that. So try this and let us know if you are having any problem while sending that.

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    Re: How to send onenote on IE9?

    Although I do not see the Send to OneNote button in the toolbar as I do some of the others, I am able to go to the extreme right in the toolbar and click>> (right next to down tools in mine) and a drop down menu displays the Send to OneNote icon. I just clicked. In fact, you can also select by clicking the Tools button in the toolbar as well. It must be equipped to click on Tools menu from the top of screen if you have enabled the menu and select Send to OneNote. If you do not observe it any place, click Tools \ Options and after that select Programs tab and after that Manage Add-ons button and verify and observe if it is installed.

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    Re: How to send onenote on IE9?

    First of all you will have to right click on tool bar area and place your cursor above command bar and then left click on it. The One note icons will come into view. Highlight anything you need to send to one note and then click on the icon. When you do that then you will see that the program will come into view and ask you that where you need to save the page. The saved page will then become available to you.

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