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Thread: Email button in Internet explorer 9

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    Email button in Internet explorer 9

    I had recently downloaded the Internet Explorer9 on my laptop. Internet explorer is having much additional features than all other explorers. Internet Explorer9 supports CSS properties, well improved java script performance. After downloading the IE9, I am not getting the email button on the internet explorer9.I want email option, Please help me out as I am in much need. Thank you.

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    re: Email button in Internet explorer 9

    Command bar consists of Email button which is not enabled by default on IE9. The command bar contains various types of buttons like Home, Email, Print, and RSS. The command bar also contains menu drop down option for - Page, Safety, Tools, and Help. You can access the command bar by just pressing the ALT button. After that go to view option, then go to toolbars and atlast command bar. In command bar you will get the email button.

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    re: Email button in Internet explorer 9

    Finding an Email button is not that difficult. Email button is directly available at as a browser accelerator. It is visible when you do the right click on a web page. After clicking, the default option that will be getting says Email with Windows Live. For example, similar options maybe available from other websites. We can also hide the toolbar, when we want to hide. This will satisfy you.

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    re: Email button in Internet explorer 9

    I am aware about the internet explorer. Internet Explorer 9 is having much better qualities than Internet Explorer8.It is having all the features of advance Java applications. It also supports CSS (i.e. cascading style sheet) and all HTML and XML files.I am not knowing about the Email button on the computer. You may go through various websites and you will definitely found the solution for requirement.

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