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Thread: Photos become blurry when I upload onto Facebook

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    Photos become blurry when I upload onto Facebook

    Can someone please tell me why my photo Become Them blurry when i upload onto facebook? I Would love to know why this Happens too! And it's not just the ones taken while pissed! And in this when I try to optimize them so that also doesn't seem to help me in that case. I have visited many of the forum site but unable to get any proper solution for this. So please help me on this I will be thankful for you guys in advance.

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    Re: Photos become blurry when I upload onto Facebook

    ok I think i have a solution hopefully. Upload the photo while flex its a large size will shrink it and Facebook I am not sure on this that whether this will going to help you in your case or not. Because when I was going thorugh the same issue so at that time I have tried this and it worked in my case3. I am sure that it will also going to help you guys in your case also. So just best of luck for this.

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    Re: Photos become blurry when I upload onto Facebook

    In fact, the optimal size for pictures in the album of Facebook's 604 pixels tall (or wide). Therefore, before you upload photos to your album you just created on Facebook, first try to resize the image to 604 pixels wide or high. Then use the tool to sharpen or Unsharp Mask editing of images within their tool to sharpen images. Finally, upload the processed images for the album. I am sure that after this there is going to face, as this type of issues.

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    Re: Photos become blurry when I upload onto Facebook

    Here is my plight to the lack of definition What has improved a bit:
    • Full-size importer imported through iPhoto = SUPER blurred Facebook
    • Imported @ 604 px-through Facebook importing iPhoto really fuzzy = (but a little better)
    • Imported directly from Facebook @ 604px simple rose "= still blurred (but better)

    I found the import through iPhoto made things much worse. If you want then you just go for this I am sure taht this will help you.

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