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Thread: How to configure Nokia Siemens Router 1600

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    How to configure Nokia Siemens Router 1600

    I am using a Nokia Siemens Router 1600 and I am not able to connect 2 pc with this router. I have checked and used the settings by searching it on various websites on the internet but later on I am not able to access any website using the PPPoE mode. It will work fine in Bridge mode only with one pc. I am also not able to use the wireless connection after applying all the settings? Can anyone please help me out.

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    Re: How to configure Nokia Siemens Router 1600

    First of all open Internet Explorer and then type in url address and press Enter. After that put admin in both username and password area. After login to the Nokia Siemens Router page click on Wireless. After that click on Security and then in the Network Authentication choose Open. Now in WEP Encruption and then choose Enabled. After that in Encryption strength select 128bit or 64bit. For 128bit you need to select a combination of 0 and 1, for instance, 0000000011111 or numbers 1 to 9 making up 26 digits. For 64bit you need 5 ASII characters or 10 hexadecimal digits, numbers from 1 to 9. Go to current Network key and choose 1. Now write a number in Network key 1 as I described before whether you have selected 128 or 64bit. Now click Save and apply.

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    Re: How to configure Nokia Siemens Router 1600

    You first need to make the network between the 2 pc via your router and then make sure that the network is working properly. After that you need to setup your router to bridging and then make a new connection on your computer. Now you have to open the Properties of your connection and go to Advanced tab and choose allow other network user to connect via this computer. Now if you connect to internet then other network users might also connect via your computer.

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    I am facing a completely different problem. I am using the same router and my wireless connection is working fine in the laptop but the wired network is not working in my desktop with Windows XP but both wired and wireless in my Windows 7 laptop works fine. I can also access on my pc. I dont have any driver CD or manual with the router as well. Can anyone tell me what method to use to solve this issue? Thanks

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