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Thread: Firefox 4 RC version to be Launched by March 9

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    Firefox 4 RC version to be Launched by March 9

    I have been using the Firefox of lately and have been using it for the purpose of browsing and also for the getting all the information that I wanted from the net. I have been using it and now just a newer version of it has been coming up, and I just wanted to get the details of the newer version of it. I have heard that the newer version is said to be released and it is said to be released by March 9. Please tell me the details of it and also the information regarding the newer version.

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    Re: Firefox 4 RC version to be Launched by March 9

    Firefox 4 is now available in Beta 12. And also it took as many as versions to the Mozilla Foundation for a sight of the Release Candidate of the free browser. And also the newer version is said to be integrated with the Ubuntu and has got some of the best of the features in it. And yes it is due to be released by the date of March 9th. After an 11 beta in early February, the Mozilla Foundation has been planning the release of the Firefox 4 beta 12. According to the roadmap of the publisher's web browser, it should indeed be the last beta version before the availability of a release candidate and finally the final version.

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    Re: Firefox 4 RC version to be Launched by March 9

    No less than 686 bug fixes can be reported since the last version of the new major version of the browser. Flash content is still subject to performance improvements as well as the compatibility of extensions when hardware acceleration is enabled. To mark the arrival of the long-awaited status bar floating unveiled a few weeks ago in the nightly builds of Firefox 4. There is therefore no question of coming to overload the address bar and often abbreviate its contents to the final show only limited information.

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    Re: Firefox 4 RC version to be Launched by March 9

    Mozilla has made available to the public its Firefox 4 Beta 12. This version could well be the last beta before the release candidate, the last step before issuing the final version. Firefox 4 Beta 12 provides significant visual change when passing the mouse over a link. For some testers, the page starts to reload constantly as they try to read an email or move to another folder on the famous Webmail Microsoft. And also the version is said to be one of the best for use.

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    Re: Firefox 4 RC version to be Launched by March 9

    A conflict that the foundation must manage in collaboration with Microsoft engineers to locate and correct the problem. Mozilla does not exclude the need for a 13th-beta and refuses to release a buggy browser that can degrade the navigation of users or prevent them from using popular services. The Mozilla Foundation has just taken the decision to integrate its implementation of the sub-component of the ninth HTML5 Indexed beta of Firefox 4 which will be released in the coming days and which is being declared as the date of March 9th.

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