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Thread: Opera uses more memory than Firefox

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    Opera uses more memory than Firefox

    I really do not know if this has been already covered on the forum. On top of all the issues that Opera has come so far I have seen that this time Opera is taking up more memory when compared with the memory usage of Firefox. Can there be any explanation for the same. I have seen that when I was using Opera 10.63 on the system then I had never come across such issues but now I have seen the issue with Opera 11 here. Any explanation on the same will be really appreciated here. Also in addition to this I have seen that though Opera is utilizing so much of RAM than also it is working very slowly. I really find this weird and hope that you all will come up with the solution in this respect soon here. Waiting for the suggestions.

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    Re: Opera uses more memory than Firefox

    The memory usage of Opera was always high and it is really weird that you just noticed the same when you just installed the Opera 11 in your case. The scenario is such that Opera 10 or any other version in this were utilizing more RAM usage and if it was less in your case then it must have been because you had been running the Opera browser without add-ons and if in reality I am true then it will be better if you can do the same with the Opera 11 there and see if you can watch it utilizing less CPU usage. Let me know if my post really helped you in any manner.

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    Re: Opera uses more memory than Firefox

    I have Windows XP SP 3 running on the system here and I have also seen the same thing that you all are talking there. I was enjoying the Opera Mini on the cell phone of mine and hence I thought that it will be great to make use of the same on the PC of mine and hence I installed Opera 11 in my case. I just started to use Opera on the system and with very less tabs opened and at the same time I opened Mozilla Firefox and I saw that in the task manager the PF Usage of Opera was double to what Firefox was using. It seems to me that there is some issue with this BROWSER and hence it will be simply great if you can just go with the uninstallation of the same from your system. It is better that you use Mozilla if it is taking less memory than Opera.

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    Re: Opera uses more memory than Firefox

    Opera 11 is yet with lots of bugs and it is advisable that you make the way for the update that is released for this browser here. You can see the update for the browser and it is Opera 11.01. You can definitely have this installed on your system and then you can see if that can prove out to be the possible solution in your case and can minimize the CPU usage there. I have seen that this update has some of the patches that can really solve the minor issues like this. Get it installed and see that you go with the clean installation this time so as to avoid the unnecessary bugs.

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    Re: Opera uses more memory than Firefox

    The new release from Opera i.e. Opera 11 is buggy but at the same time has number of applications running in there. IT has some of the features that enable the TAB STACKING and at the same time also checks for the new email if you have logged in to your email account. I think that this all might be the reason that is really causing you the trouble there. So it will be really nice if you can just get rid of these things and see if you can find Memory Usage getting lowered. Also in addition to this make sure that you just get rid of the unwanted applications.

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    Re: Opera uses more memory than Firefox

    It will be better if you can just switch back to the Opera 10.63 that was really working fine in your case. It will be better if you can just have the same working in your case. You can get it installed in the clean manner. Get the older version of Opera uninstalled from Control Panel and then use the Registry Cleaner and get rid of the traces of the previous installation of older files and then go for installing Opera 10.63. See if it is working in the same manner as you were seeing it working before there. Please let me get notified about the same.

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