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Thread: Can't Access google Accounts from IE 8 in Windows 7

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    Can't Access google Accounts from IE 8 in Windows 7

    I’ve a Toshiba T135-S1307 laptop with windows 7 operating system and I’ve recently taken a internet connection. I’ve a two brothers and both are using a internet connection in my laptop. Yesterday, when I was using a internet I can’t access my google account on my laptop. I am able to access all other website except google. I’ve cleared browser history, cookies and temporary files from my laptop, but nothing happen. I’ve also restarted my laptop and then tried but nothing works for me. I don’t understand what happen to my internet connection. Is there any problem in my laptop ?. I don’t understand why this problem is happening, please suggest me some tips to resolve this issue please help me.

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    Re: Can't Access google Accounts from IE 8 in Windows 7

    You’ve said, your brothers also using your laptop and internet connection, ask them. May be they have blocked google website on your browser and therefore you’re not getting access to your account. If you’re sure that your brother has not done anything, then see your browser setting maybe you’ve done something with your browser setting and forgot that. You can also contact to your ISP i.e.. internet service provider for this issue. May be your ISP has blocked this website, sometime ISP do such thing due to some suspicious activity on your account.

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    Re: Can't Access google Accounts from IE 8 in Windows 7

    I think your website has been blocked by your ISP. If your ISP found any suspicious activity or some threat in your account then it block your account for sometime and ask you to provide an authentication for accessing the site. You must contact to your ISP and they will tell you the exact reason behind this. You can contact to your ISP through a toll free no. or you can also visit to a official website of your ISP. You’ll get the complete detail of your account if your ISP has done this.

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    Re: Can't Access google Accounts from IE 8 in Windows 7

    Sometimes virus also do such things, you have to check for the virus. Download a good antivirus software from internet and install in your system. after installation scan your system for virus. If detected then remove that virus. After removing restart your system and enable your windows firewall to protect your system from any external threats. After doing this check your google account, if you’re enable to access your account then good, if not then try to search on internet or contact to your ISP for more help.

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