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Thread: Yellow triangle with an exclamation mark on one web site

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    Yellow triangle with an exclamation mark on one web site

    Hi all, I am having some problem with one of the website. I am not able open the site. Whenever I type the address of that site on address bar and press the enter button then in place of opening the site, it just shows me a yellow triangle that is having the exclamation mark in the center of that and there is nothing else. Last week it was opening fine then why it is doing so now. There is no problem with all the other sites. They are just opening fine. I have rebooted and tried many of the times but all the times it is doing the same. If you have any idea about this issue then please help me. Thank you.

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    Re: Yellow triangle with an exclamation mark on one web site

    This issue may be because of the browser otherwise Proxy server that is having the old cached file. So if you wish to clear up that then you will have to do the following. You will have to do the hard refresh to the system. Press and hold the ctrl + F5 to do that and if you are making use of Mac then you will have to press Command + R key. You should permit the page to load totally earlier than clicking some buttons. I mean that you should wait till it shows you that the loading is done in the bottom left corner. So these are two things that you need to do in order to get out of the problem. I hope that this will help you.

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    Re: Yellow triangle with an exclamation mark on one web site

    I am agree with the above solution and wish that that will resolve the problem for you but if that is not able to solve the problem for you then you can try to clear the cookies and also the cache from your computer. After that, close the entire browsers that are opened. Once you are done with then the open the new browser that and try to access the site again that was having the problem. Let the pages load properly and see if again you see that warning symbol in your browser. I am quite sure that this time you will not get that back.

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    Re: Yellow triangle with an exclamation mark on one web site

    There may be any issue with the browser that you are using. If you are running some faulty browser then you may get this warning symbol. You can try to use some other browser and see if that is again giving you the same problem. There are many other browsers available on internet and you can select any of them and see if that is doing well for you. As far as, to my suggestion, you should use the Firefox otherwise Opera because these are two most famous browsers that are widely being used by the users. So you can also go for the same and see what it can do for you.

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    Re: Yellow triangle with an exclamation mark on one web site

    I am not sure about it but it is possible that the site which is having problem to open may be added in restricted sites list in your browser settings. So you should check the restricted site list in your browser’s setting and if that is listed there than simply remove that from there and after that you will be able to visit those sites without any problem. This is the facility provided by the browser so that we can restrict some sites to be opened and you may have added that to the restricted sites list. Removing that from the list will definitely solves the problem for you. I wish that this will solve the issue for you.

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