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Thread: Suggestions to move offline cache files in windows 7

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    Suggestions to move offline cache files in windows 7

    I think so the title tells everything about my problem. Well I have a offline file features on and hence it gets automatically loaded after every session. Actually I have store all the directory of the offline files in the c: and I have observed that the folder uses a large amount of memory in the c: . Many of my program files are there in the c: so I don’t want it to use the majority of the space in c: . So that’s why I am thinking that I should transfer this files in to a different location. I am thinking to shift In the d: location but I am unaware of the steps to carry on with this solution. So that’s why I am asking this from you all. So you have any idea how can we do this? Do let me know as soon as possible.

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    Re: Suggestions to move offline cache files in windows 7

    Well if you are having so much problem with the offline files, then try selecting the offline files that get accumulated in the csc folder. So try deleting them, it is always advisable to delete such offline files from the memory. So do try with this suggestion and let me know if that is helpful. Also one thing that I would like to add here is that while moving the files from the location In the different location you will have to do a reset of the fields, give them the new location and also resync the folders In the new location. So do try with the above suggestion and let me know if it works with you or not.

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    Re: Suggestions to move offline cache files in windows 7

    Ok, I got your suggestion thanks for your suggestion. Well the thing is that I need my offline files and I cannot afford them to lose them and hence I keep it. Well the steps that you have explained to me are understandable but I need a step by step solution. So it would have been better if you could have explained me in the details to work on this. So I can act on it accordingly. Since I am not quite sure about the functioning of the windows 7 so that’s why I am expecting a step by step method for this particular problem. So I hope you will be able to send me the appropriate response.

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    Re: Suggestions to move offline cache files in windows 7

    Well the process is quite complex but let’s begin with the steps. Well first you have to ensure that the files are synchronized properly.
    1) You have to make sure that he files you want are synchronized properly with the server and also don’t forget to make a backup of the fields.
    2) After that you have to reset the content of the cache by executing command in the batch file and running it
    3) Having done that you will have to reboot the system after that all the cache that were existing will get deleted.
    4) Now add the registry which contains the name of the registry, location of the cache and and also the location value under the Parameters section of the registry.
    5) Having done that you will have to create the new folder in a location where you have to place it.
    6) Reboot the system and after that check whether the offline files are able to sync properly with the server. If they are able to sync then it means that you are successfully able to transfer the offline files in the new location.
    Do try with this above steps and let me know whether this solution has helped you or not.

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