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Thread: Links are getting redirected

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    Links are getting redirected

    Every time when I click on any of the link from google or yahoo then it just redirects me to some other weird sites and that says me that there is some security risk and also malware attack. Sometimes it asks me to do the survey. Many of the times, I get redirected to the,, and many more. Please tell me that why this is happening to me and how can this issue can be resolved. I will be thankful to all the replies here.

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    Re: Links are getting redirected

    OK, what can you do to solve the issue is to download the MBRCheck on your desktop. After downloading that, double click on the MBRCheck.exe and that will start running it. If you have Windows Vista installed in your computer then you have to right click on the file and choose run as Administrator. After that you will see a blank window. You should not fix anything because it will provide you the option for that. After that exit windows and this will create a log and you will get the details for the issue.

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    Re: Links are getting redirected

    I hope that this will help you to solve the issue. You have to open the notepad by start > All Programs > Accessories > Notepad. Now just copy the text given below and paste that to the notepad.
    @echo off
    >Log1.txt (
    ipconfig /all
    ping -n 2
    route print
    start Log1.txt
    del %0
    Now you will have to go to the file menu from the top of the notepad window and choose Save as. Save this file to the desktop and name this file as test.bat. Save this as all type of file and click the save button. Once you are done this then just close the Notepad. Double click on the test.bat that is there on your desktop. I hope that this will help you.

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    Re: Links are getting redirected

    I think that there is some problem with the router settings that you have set. If that is the case then you will have to set the router settings. See if you are able to get the problem with the settings or not and if you do not get the problem then you can try to reset the settings to its default value and after that configure it once again and see if it is able to help you or not. I hope that the problem will be solved with this.

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    Re: Links are getting redirected

    Oops I find also this great problem....

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    Re: Links are getting redirected

    The browser in your case may be corrupted and so it is redirecting the links. What you can try to do is to uninstall the browsers from your computer and after that again install the browser to see if that can help you get out of the issue. If that helps you then it is fine but if that is also not able to help you then there may be some problem that the system is affected by the virus attack. So scan the entire system with the help of some updated antivirus. Thank you.

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