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Thread: Commision Junction vs Google Adsense

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    Commision Junction vs Google Adsense

    Which one is a better option to go for amongst Commission Junction and the Google Adsense. I am having a website called as Commission Junction which is working with Google Adsense. Recently came to know about Commission Junction So now i would like to know whether it is better than Google Adsense or it is similar to it. Just want to know about it.

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    Re: Commision Junction vs Google Adsense

    Commission Junction is one of the largest affiliate network in the network. It allows you to have the sponsors that fit your website, choosing from over 1500 companies already active. Insert a banner or text link on your site or your newsletter and for each click made by your visitors, you can earn if they fill out a form, subscribe to a newsletter or make purchases. Registration is completely free and accessible worldwide. This is one of the few circuits that accept and pay regular membership affiliates from all over the world!

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    Re: Commision Junction vs Google Adsense

    Google Adsense is definitely the best. Clicks that are motivated by the content of the advertisement to help the system to learn which advertisements and / or services and products to fit a particular site and its visitors. An example: If you and others would repeatedly click on ads, in which, say, pornography would be advertised more and more such ads running from your system. (Do not worry: Ads for pornography are not accepted by Google or by us).

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    Re: Commision Junction vs Google Adsense

    When someone clicks on such a display, because he there for the advertised service or product displayed is interested, this is fine. Because of this, we benefit the advertiser, and Google. If you would click it just to get few cents to let us (we do not have appropriate), the advertiser would be damaged and so long as the business model would be damaged, and we also Google. Every time someone a text ad clicks, such as those in the right column of this page you are reading, are imported, Google receives from the advertiser a certain amount, a few cents, and we partner of Google part of it as.

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    Re: Commision Junction vs Google Adsense

    The Google AdSense advertising network offers content-rich websites overwhelming advantages:

    You can apply simple and free. But watch out: The site is inspected by an employee of Google. Log on to the first, if your site is content-rich, no construction site. What criteria is used to assess in detail, I do not know. I would use: the number of content-rich pages (without navigation pages, registration pages, etc.), the Google Pagerank , the traffic rank on Alexa and the timeliness of the content (when the content of the Google cached has been modified, the update rhythm reflects how often the content be changed).

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