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Thread: Google Analytics Tutorial

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    Google Analytics Tutorial

    I am mew to the Google analytics, I have idea about the fundamental things and I would like to have the deeper knowledge about the Google analytics. If you can provide any details then it will be good, or of you will know any tutorial about this please let me about it. Your suggestion would be appreciated. Thank you in advance for any advice to resolve this issue.

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    Re: Google Analytics Tutorial

    In view of the fact that Google Analytics was launched in 2005, turn out to be one of the top sets of analysis for small as well as medium websites. Development was at first slow because of waiting lists system begin by Google annoying to put off over-stretching their servers. At this moment the entire world want that the waiting list has been removed can register to make use of this great service.The client interface has been a main reshuffle in May 2007 a large amount of features which we like to be hard to locate.

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    Re: Google Analytics Tutorial

    Tracking exit clicks, banner clicks and RSS feed subscribers
    Have you ever required being familiar with how many people clicked on a particular link or else banner on your website? You can discover out how many visitors click on an affiliate link as well as the number of persons of a particular country as well as click on the banner or else the number of visitors from Dig that you click to subscribe to its RSS feed .GA can carry on for quite without difficulty by simply adding a click event to link code.
    href = "" <a onClick="javascript:urchinTracker ('/outgoing/rssfeed'); ">
    All time somebody clicks on the link on top of to save a AG see page / outgoing / RSSFeed

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    Re: Google Analytics Tutorial

    Tracking ecommerce revenue
    Tracking where your visitors come from is extremely significant. Stay on your present customers to come is even more vital. If he know that people look for for keywords in MSN live were two times as likely to purchase their product as people looking for Google that cheerfully can present much more for your clicks Ad Center clicks on Ad Words. SEO Specialist thank for giving me the screenshots of this section.Sales reports by the traffic sources can be initiate in the Traffic Sources-> All Traffic Sources "menu”.

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