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Thread: Slow browsing on Opera after updating

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    Slow browsing on Opera after updating

    I have Windows 7 on the system and I have Opera 11 as well. Before this I was having the standard version of the browser. It was Opera 10.63. Well the combination of the operating system and the browser was really working fine; but now I have seen that Opera 11 is taking too long to open the sites. Can there be any possible solution to this. I was under the impression that Opera 11 is much better than the older version of the Opera. Can you all please let me know what can be done here in the case that I have mentioned above? Any help in the matter will be really appreciated.

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    Re: Slow browsing on Opera after updating

    Let me tell you that you will really have no issue with the combination of the operating system or the Opera 11. It seems that on your browser Turbo is not enabled or say that it must have got disabled. Please have a check on the same there. I am sure that after getting the Turbo mode enabled Opera 11 will work in the manner that it should have been. The work of the Turbo is to boost the loading. So if this is enable then Opera by making use of this feature will load the site in no time or say in a much faster time. Do this and see if this was really the thing that you were missing on.

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    Re: Slow browsing on Opera after updating

    It will be better if you can just have the Firewall settings changed and the see if the browser can load the sites without issues. IN addition to this please have the same site check on the other browsers and see if the issue can be seen there as well. If the other browsers are able to open the sites then there is some issue with the Opera 11 and I think that installing the same might get you out of the issue. If however other browsers also fail to open the sites then you will be required to make the necessary changes in the Firewall. Hope that my post will really help you with the issues.

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    Re: Slow browsing on Opera after updating

    Opera 11 is the buggy browser and it has been proved. After seeing the whole things I would just say that similar issues was observed when Opera 11 was about to open the Facebook. I think that it will be great if you can just have the Opera 11.01 installed in addition to what you have there on your system. This update i.e. v11.01 has some of the fix to the issues that was reported to Opera tech support. If you find the same then get it downloaded and see if that can really solve the issue of the loading page. Hope that they will also come up with more fix soon.

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    Re: Slow browsing on Opera after updating

    I would like to make the point that there is really nothing with the Opera 11; it just has a lot of bugs and you will only find yourself in trouble if you will continue to use it. I would really like you to have the installation of the Opera 10.63 on your system. I really think that it will really help you and will really serve you in the manner as it is asked for. Make the installation again and then let me know if you are having the issue with this Standard version of Opera.

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    Re: Slow browsing on Opera after updating

    In my opinion what will be really nice is that you just have the installation done again. I really do not care what version of Opera you want to install. If you want to install Opera 11 you can do that and if you want to have Opera 10.63 then you can go with that as well. Just install the things in a clean manner. Uninstall the previous files from the Control Panel and then after this by making use of the Registry Cleaner just get rid of the previously installed files and then go with the clean installation of the whichever version of Opera you wish to install.

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