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Thread: Difference between pageviews and visits

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    Difference between pageviews and visits

    What is the difference between pageviews and visits. I mean look at the statistics, with programs like WebAnalzzer , Google Analytics , and I suppose that "visits" are unique ips that have visited any page within your domain, but they are exactly the "hits"? All pages that have been recharged? or we enter the images, style sheets, Javascripts, etc recharged.

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    Re: Difference between pageviews and visits

    Consider the following example suppose if you have a website and i am clicking your link from google after this the pageviews and visit goes as mentioned below :

    I come to your site by the cover -> 1 hit, 1 visit
    Click a link and entered a section -> 2 hits, 1 visit
    Click a link and enter another section -> 3 hits, 1 visit

    This would have explained the concept of PageViews and visit.

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    Re: Difference between pageviews and visits

    On the content of the site

    • Visitors are not interested in the content, because content is not developed enough (this is the case of Web pages with very little text) or content is not really interesting.

    • The site does not refer to the right keywords. For example, if your website for toy-shaped car and if in fact your position is on "car", many visitors looking to buy a car or get information on the rental car will be attérir on your website. Since your site does not match their expectations, they will leave without visiting other pages on your site. In this context, the rate of rebound is going to explode.

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    Re: Difference between pageviews and visits

    Concerning the types of websites where the usual rate of rebound is often high:

    1. The sites consist of one page (single product or single service).

    2. Blogs also have a high bounce rate, around 75%. Indeed, regular readers come to read the latest article and leave.

    You can minimize bounce rates by tailoring landing pages to each keyword and ad that you run. Landing pages should provide the information and services in advertising.

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