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Thread: Can I see a Skydrive folder in Windows as computer disk?

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    Can I see a Skydrive folder in Windows as computer disk?

    I am sure that many members should be having an idea about the Skydrive. SkyDrive is the leading online file storage service to create, edit and save files on the Internet so they are accessible from any computer and, if you want to share with other people. Another good thing that I liked about it, Microsoft SkyDrive, that offers 25 GB of free space to store files and organize them into folders. Skydrive is the problem that can only be used via web browser and there is no official program for file management. So I want to ask you members that can I see a Skydrive folder in Windows as computer disk? I am sure that you members will provide some helpful information regarding the topic.

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    Re: Can I see a Skydrive folder in Windows as computer disk?

    With a manual operation is still possible to see a SkyDrive folder like a normal internal or external disk in Windows. The following procedure works and has been tested on Windows 7, without using external programs without installing anything. To map the folder as a computer disk Skydrive Windows Skydrive must log in to your account, open the Documents folder and display the address at the top which will look like this: = 1. Now open My Computer, which lists the available drives and discs. On top of this window in Windows 7, is the "Map Network Drive." If you were to see this button, you can press the Windows Start button, press the right button on "Computer" and then on "Map Network Drive." In the network path must paste the following address: \\\number_skydrive \^2Documents Instead of number_skydrive you must write the number that, in the internet address of the My Documents folder you opened earlier by the browser, is cid-after and before. In this case, then the exact address to see Skydrive folder in Windows as a normal disc is \\\365b4286904d876c\^2Documents.

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    Re: Can I see a Skydrive folder in Windows as computer disk?

    To map the Public folder, you can use the address \\ @ SSL \ number_skydrive \ ^ 2Public. If it does not work, remove the address ^ 2. Before you click Finish, and request access with different credentials and then enter the login and password used to access the service Windows Live Skydrive. Then place the flag on Remember credentials and complete the connection. Eventually, under the directory computer, will appear alongside the C drive, also Skydrive folder, freely viewable from your computer and that you can create new folders and drag files normally.

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    Re: Can I see a Skydrive folder in Windows as computer disk?

    he limit is that you can upload files of size greater than 50MB and, unfortunately, can not even upload files that are not documents, and then only pdf, doc, txt, xls. To copy other file types like images, music or video, you will need to change their extension .txt. However, mapping the same Skydrive folder on multiple computers, you can see the contents of the folder is shared and synchronized between different PCs.

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    Re: Can I see a Skydrive folder in Windows as computer disk?

    Personally I think a great service Skydrive online for an online space where you upload files, but because of this restriction of use (ie that you must always connect to the site), I always preferred Dropbox which has no limits on file size ( only value of 2 GB), has its own management software from Windows and also the application to upload or download files from the iPhone or other smartphones (Android and Symbian). I believe that this mapping function of the drive on Windows Skydrive was not provided by Microsoft, which has instead made available on Windows 7, the service Windows Live Mesh to create a storage of shared files between computers.

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