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Thread: Opera 11 cannot play YouTube videos

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    Opera 11 cannot play YouTube videos

    Opera 11 is the web browser that I have on my system; and so far it had not troubled me but after updating it to the version 11 I have seen that it is not able to play the videos on the YouTube. Well I really do not know what can be the reason. Whenever I try to play the same videos it just plays fine in the other browsers. What can be the possible reason for this? Is there anything on which I am missing or is it like that there is some issue with the BROWSER itself. Help me about the same.

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    Re: Opera 11 cannot play YouTube videos

    For sure let me tell you that you are missing on the FLASH player and hence you are not getting the videos to be played. Please check for the Player that can be compatible with the Opera 11 of yours there. You can visit the Adobe site and can have the Flash Player installed for the BROWSER. Install it and then visit the site. Please let me know if you are having the same issue when you are playing the videos on the other sites. Notify about this in the next post of yours.

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    Re: Opera 11 cannot play YouTube videos

    I was having the issue with Mozilla Firefox and that too when I was trying to play the videos on the various videos sites. I was also notified that the problem was because of the Flash Player and I need to install it. Well it was asking to install the latest version of Flash Player. I think that the latest version of the Flash Player is 10 and get it installed from Adobe; download it install it and see if that really allows you to play the files on your respective browser.

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    Re: Opera 11 cannot play YouTube videos

    Suffered similar type of issue with various web browsers and I have seen that the issue goes on varying with the various other sites as well. Let me tell you that you will have to install the Flash Player for browsers and it will also depend on the site which you will be visiting as well. In my case I use to install the drivers when I use to get the error and the error itself used to fetch me proper version of Flash Player that I actually need. If you are getting somewhat similar error then you can also give this a try there.

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