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Thread: No network in Dell Optiplex GX260 using Linux Mint

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    No network in Dell Optiplex GX260 using Linux Mint

    We are having 3 Dell Optiplex GX260 computers in our office. We were using Windows XP into all of 3 computers with the network cable and it was working fine. But after installing Linux Mint we are unable to connect with internet. It prompts that computers are not connected with network. We are facing same issue into all the computers. Does anyone having the same problem please reply? Anyone having the solution please share with us?

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    Re: No network in Dell Optiplex GX260 using Linux Mint

    I don’t have exact solution for your problem but I can suggest a command that may help you to know more about your problem. Well I am suggesting you to use lspci command. You can type the command on the terminal and you can get the information about all the PCI busses in the system. It also displays all the devices connected with system. I am suggesting you to use –n option with the lspci command. –n option will display all the details of the PCI vendor and code of the device as numbers irrespective of looking into Database of the PCI Id.

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    Re: No network in Dell Optiplex GX260 using Linux Mint

    I am really apologies to you since I really don’t know anything about the Linux. But I can suggest you to solve in your issue in the Windows based system. In Windows based system it was happening due to speed of the link. It might be possible that speed of the link is set as auto. However you can change the link speed to 100mbps and in to full duplex mode may solve your problem into windows based system. I really don’t know how it is implement in the Linux Mint? So I am really sorry for the same. Please let me know if got the solution.

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    Re: No network in Dell Optiplex GX260 using Linux Mint

    I am opinion of to check the error with using dmesg command. Well when the system is started kernel asks device driver will look for the related hardware in the system. If the related hardware is found in the system it will display analytical details about the located device. The output of this command is quite large so I am suggesting you to redirect the command to other file. dmesg > /tmp/dmesg-output ; gedit /tmp/dmesg-output. You can view the file by typing gedit command on the terminal. For your kind information gdit is free text editor for the MAC, Windows and GNOME.

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    Re: No network in Dell Optiplex GX260 using Linux Mint

    I think that problem you have mentioned above is related to the hardware but not with Linux Mint. I think you should do some experiment to solve your problem. You should connect the network wire with other computer which is using Linux Mint. It may possible that the there is an issue with Network Wire. You should also check that the Network Interface card that you have provided may have some fault. Also check that the setting you have provided to NIC is compatible with the Switch that you are connected the NIC. It is possible that network switch has some fault. If the NIC or switch is not working then you have to change one or both the device. I hope it will solve your problem.

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