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Thread: After upgrade windows Live 2011 launches automatically

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    After upgrade windows Live 2011 launches automatically

    From the time at what time upgraded to Windows Live Messenger 2011 previous week I at the moment obtain this URL is launched automatically within my default browser almost four top five times a day. At initial I think that it was malware or else a virus, as a result I ran a only some checkers furthermore there was not anything.So why is this happening? I have previously installed WLM2011. I do not require on the way to be told regarding it. Is it intentional? How do I discontinue it? Thank you in advance for any suggestions.

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    Re: After upgrade windows Live 2011 launches automatically

    Can you please reply a few queries as a result that we be able to better assist you in this matter?
    1. Has this trouble been there from the time when you installed Windows Live Essentials 2011?
    2. if not, has something altered on your PC from the time when the trouble begin?
    3. What browser are you at this time making use of?
    We look ahead on the way to hearing back from you.

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    Re: After upgrade windows Live 2011 launches automatically

    Possibly you might as well point several of your colleagues at that thread - currently it look like that lots of people are posting in it however no one is seeing at it with a view to help.I am as well on Firefox 3.6.12. I had been interested to be familiar with if this is occurring to everyone with Interne3t explorer set as their default browser. Of the two I had select to get free of Live Messenger, in any case on my main Computers.

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    Re: After upgrade windows Live 2011 launches automatically

    Similar here I have it as well from the time when I installed Windows Live Messager 2011 as well as I'm making use of Internet Explorer 8 as well.As a result I guess it’s nothing to do by means of the browsers however by means of the program we have all installed. This might be class at the same time as malware by means of a popup each day, as the recent past I established it around 3 occasions. I did believe I was striking somewhat on the keyboard or else mouse. I am just pleased I establish this thread.

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