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Thread: OA trying to add sites as trusted

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    OA trying to add sites as trusted

    Never occurred before, but following upgrading to latest one I observe some sites being added as trusted to the websites list daily. If I take out them, they are added back once more. Anyone else observed this occur? And how do I avoid this? Before several of you ask me to go to OA forum, let me say this once more that I trust the experience of members wilders the most. Will look elsewhere simply if needed. Thanks.

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    Re: OA trying to add sites as trusted

    Hey even I have similar issue .even my application is behaving the same think I want to get solution for that I have tried 2 to 3 time but every time I am getting the same issue. I am really getting frustrated and I want to get out from this problem as soon as possible so please help me out so that I can get out from this frustration. Please help me…………

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    Re: OA trying to add sites as trusted

    These sites are "Trusted" according to Online List. You be able to constantly mark them as "Entrusted"..... Or "check-off" the box in "Ignore OA web sites list". Though, if you are updating your Avira A/V, that could present an issue if it is not "Trusted". So may this will help you to get something which you want .so let me inform if got the solution for this……….

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    Re: OA trying to add sites as trusted

    I have as well wondered regarding the huge quantity of sites now listed as "trusted." absolutely, from my opinion this performance is to some extent is new. To solve the related issue you have to tick “Ignore OA web sites list" under Web Sites and after that following the instructions. So you can do this as well please let me know if you get solution to your problem…

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