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Thread: Advanced Search and Indexing option greyed out in Outlook 2007

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    Advanced Search and Indexing option greyed out in Outlook 2007

    I am at present using Windows 7 RC1 Ultimate x64 and I lately started having a problem with Outlook 2007. I do not know how all of the advanced search options is not enabled or you can say that it is greyed out and I can not use them. If I do any sort of searching and I go in go into Outlook Search options everything under the Indexing and Searchcatagory is also disabled. Finally, I observed if I go into Windows Indexing Options and then I try to modify anything I even cannot do it Modify, It seems that it is also greyed out. Please help me in resolving this issue.

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    Re: Advanced Search and Indexing option greyed out in Outlook 2007

    In case anybody else stucks with this outlook issue I have got a solution , I had upon this same issue, I discovered the answer on the Microsoft official site then I found out that you just need to a couple of alteration in the registry , first in the policies and the HKLM folder you will have PreventIndexingOutlook , you will have to set its value as 1 similarly you will have to set the value of SetupCompletedSuccessfully as 0 . Then after restarting it your issue will disappear.

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    Re: Advanced Search and Indexing option greyed out in Outlook 2007

    Outlook 2003, you had an option to select advanced search from the top right hand side corner search, there was a menu which you can pull down there was also a pop-up window that had three tabs emerged and you could enter a range of search criteria and choose which file or subfolders to search, if you did not locate it in that folder, simply select the another folder. I've found that pop-up window in 2007, but it is not as easy to find, have to do a normal search,. Then why you should bothered about the greyed out option if your work is done.

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    Re: Advanced Search and Indexing option greyed out in Outlook 2007

    The advanced Search goes just accurate but for that you will need a Windows Desktop Search installed as far as my knowledge... I do not have much idea as far as windows 7 is concerned but I think the outlook option which have been greyed out or you cannot access the button because of the Windows Desktop Search , but I a not quite sure about that , it is also possible that this is not working with the Beta Version of the Windows 7 operating system.

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