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Thread: Batch file to copy ip

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    Batch file to copy ip

    Basically I have a flash drive, I want to have a batch file that copies all of the IP information the address etc. and put it into a text file on the flash drive. Preferably so nothing pops up. So it would be undetected. Any help would be appreciated, thank you!

    Don't worry, I am not using this for evil. I just like to experiment and make new things (Expanding my knowledge)

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    Re: Batch file to copy ip

    What you are asking here is some kind of an unethical stuff. It is more like capture data without the consent of owner. You will never find stuff related to that on forums. It is illegal. If you are interested in security stuff then I will advice you to for an Ethical Hacker course. There are number of institutes which train you for this and you can be a security expert.

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