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Thread: Is You Tube video’s safe to watch?

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    Is You Tube video’s safe to watch?

    Hello friends, I am very much confused whenever I watch a video on You Tube I find that after sometime my PC is very slow. I am not aware whether watching videos on You Tube could affect in my system or not? If I am watching a video but I am not downloading that video will it affect my system if it has some infected files in it? How can I secure my system if I want to watch videos in You Tube? There are no other ways to watch videos in You Tube where system isn’t affected by virus? If you have information related to this particular topic then please let me know, whether I can watch the videos on You Tube or not?

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    Re: Is You Tube video’s safe to watch?

    I think it is possible if you are watching videos in You Tube, your PC can get affected. To view videos on You Tube it is streamed to our system using Flash Player. We all know that to view videos on You tube, we must have Flash Player. You might have noticed a sub module on your browser namely a Plugin which is actually a part of flash player which is installed in our web browser. This program in which we are watching videos can make us of our hard drive for read and write purpose. I don’t think that it is safe to watch videos on You Tube until you have some precautions for that.

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    Re: Is You Tube video’s safe to watch?

    You might know that one the most popular ways of getting virus in your computer system is due to Internet. If you are watching videos on You Tube , You Tube is one of the site for watching and downloading videos. So, the traffic on this site will be on huge amount. Mostly, many hackers make use of such opportunities and send malicious code which can infect our whole computer system. I think you should install Anti-spam technology that can make your system infected free.

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    Re: Is You Tube video’s safe to watch?

    I had recently came to know that when you are watching videos on You Tube , there are some corrupt videos uploaded on You Tube where in if you click that media file, the malware inside that file will install in your system which may harm your computer system. The hackers have uploaded the corrupt videos on the You Tube in which they have malware which silently installs in your system and targets what it wants to. This was something which cannot be imagined but it is a fact. Many hackers have tried this technique and it has worked for many times.

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    Re: Is You Tube video’s safe to watch?

    You can install spyware such Adware where it will remove infected spyware which you are watching in You Tube. This will make your computer system malware free. I have tried this anti-spyware which is working quite efficiently and have protected my computer system from virus, worms and malware. Nowadays, viruses are common where there is a huge traffic, mostly in that site where there are huge amount of users. I think you should use Adware anti-spyware which can help you protect malwares coming from infected videos which are there on You Tube.

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