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Thread: Adobe flash player is crashing my internet explorer 8

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    Adobe flash player is crashing my internet explorer 8

    The adobe flash player that I have installed on my system is crashing my internet explorer. Sometimes while surfing my explorer freezes and then until I restart my system nothing happens. I am unable to understand what it is wrong with it. Till now I have faced two different kinds of errors. These errors are as follows:
    1. When I tried to watch a video or a flash content then it tends to give me a error message saying that “Problem caused by Flash Player”
    2. And in between the internet surf my the explorer hangs automatically and the error message is shown to me saying that “Internet Explorer has encountered a problem with an add-on and needs to close’

    Does anyone ever have got such errors while surfing on their internet explorer? If yes then please let me know hoe get rid of this error.

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    Re: Adobe flash player is crashing my internet explorer 8

    I think I can help you in this case is, the error which you have mentioned second is totally deals with the adobe flash player and nothing to do with the Internet Explorer of yours. If you are getting this error then you have to restart the system and then again open the internet explorer. One thing you have to keep in mind that doesn’t open too many windows of internet explorer. Because if you are viewing multiple pages at a time then it increases the memory, which is needed to run the browser and hence the browser freezes. And if still you are getting the same issue then just report about the crash to adobe and get some solution from them.

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    Re: Adobe flash player is crashing my internet explorer 8

    This is the basic problem caused by the adobe flash player in internet explorer and to fix this problem you have to use the latest version of the adobe flash player. Just uninstall the current version that you have on your system and then just install the latest and the updated version of the same. Make sure that you download the updated version from the official site of adobe. I hope that installing this player will definitely help you to solve the problem and will not cause any harm to the internet explorer that you are using.

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    Re: Adobe flash player is crashing my internet explorer 8

    I have gone through your problem and it seems to me that you have to change the browser that you are currently using. It may happen that the flash player that you are using is not supporting the internet explorer version used by you. So just update the version of your browser and use the latest and the updated one. Or also you can change the browser itself. I think you have to go with the Mozilla Firefox web browser and it is one of the finest web browsers currently available. I am sure that it will not give you any such problems in future.

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