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Thread: How to edit a contact to give them limited access in Windows Live

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    How to edit a contact to give them limited access in Windows Live

    Can any one help me to solve this problem. I am using windows live and would want to know how to restrict users in my account to access my account. Can i be able to give specific priorities to a user to limit his access to my account. I need the solution of this problem quickly as there are lot of private information in my existing account.

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    Yes can edit the contacts in your account to give them limited access, for this you have to follow certain steps
    • Firstly sign in to your windows live account using your id and password.
    • When the first page is displayed see the left section of the page, and then click Contact list.
    • The contact list will have all your contacts,then select the box next to the name of the contact that you want to set permissions.
    • Click Edit, and then click Permissions.
    • Now you can give the what ever permission to which ever contacts of your choice.

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    You can also follow this option if you want to give the contacts in your profile limited access to your profile.
    • First of all sign into your windows Live profile. Once you logged in you will see the home page of your profile.
    • Then check the page to locate Privacy Setting .Once you find this then click on the button.
    • Under Privacy Setting, click on Advanced tab.
    • In that you will find "profile and Search", under that click the arrow beside “Interests, favorite things, and notes” to unhide the items.
    • Now you can select who can view your Notes by moving the slider. The slider for “Notes” should not be under “Just me”.
    • Click "Save".

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    According to me, if you want to give a specific restriction to a user such as you want to give permission to one user to access your profile and you want other user to deny access to your profile than you have to delete all the contacts in your profile and then again reinvite them. But before you accept the user request you should be careful that you choose the user according to permission you want to give that user.

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