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Thread: Can't log in to skype on new mac

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    Can't log in to skype on new mac

    Hello people, i have purchased a new apple mac just weeks before and i am getting my first ever problem in using this. I have a new version of Skype downloaded on my system but the thing is that i am unable to login in to my account. When i enter my username and password and click on OK, the timer just keeps ticking over as if its about to log me in but it never does. Can any one help me to solve this problem.

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    Re: Can't log in to skype on new mac

    I think this can help you as it helped me when i was facing the same problem. This is what i did.
    • First, you have to close the skype application.
    • Go to the folder ~/Library/Application Support/Skype/
    • In that Delete the file "shared.xml"
    • Now start Skype and enter your user name and password and click OK.

    After going to the above steps i was able to access my account. But dont forget to restart your computer after you have done with the above steps since the computer will respond to the setting only after rebboting it.

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    Re: Can't log in to skype on new mac

    Even i am facing the same problem with my latest skype application which i had downloaded few days back. I was just unable to login into my account after entering the user name and password. After repeated trials the program shut down and I would get error messages that the program had suddenly and unexpectedly shut down and did I want to restart. I dont know whether it is the software problem or os problem or internet problem. I am using Mtnl connection. Can some one please help me out with this problem.

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    Re: Can't log in to skype on new mac

    I have been through this problem before and its pretty difficult to tell what exactly the problem is. However you can try various options that i had done to solve my problem. This is what you can do.
    1 If the new version of Skype application is unable to login then you should remove this software completely from your system and install a fresh version of this software and try connecting it with your account see if your problem gets solved . if not then
    2 You should try using old version of the skype application and see whether you are able to connect using this version of software. if not then
    3 You must format your laptop since it might be an OS problem. Even if that doesnt works then
    4 You should contact your service provider for the same.

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