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Thread: i am not able to login my facebook account

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    i am not able to login my facebook account

    i am facing a problem with my facebook account, in last week when i was trying to log on suddenly one error messages popup and it said my account get disable. i really want to use my account now,so if you can then please solve my this problem as soon as possible.

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    Re: i am not able to login my facebook account

    first tell me that you are facing your log in problem only in your computer or when you are using other computer the same problem is occur. if you are facing this problem only in your computer then i think its because of DNS server. so i will suggest you that first you change your DNS server,i think after doing this your problem will be soved.

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    Re: i am not able to login my facebook account

    I was also facing the same problem a month ago that time my problem solved when i changed my DNS server setting. i dont know whether it will work for you or not, but my problem is solved that time.To change your DNS server go to network connection then Right-click on properties click on TCP-IP properties then select Use the following DNS server addresses and type in the Open DNS IP address then reboot your system and then try your facebook account. i think you can login this time.

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    Re: i am not able to login my facebook account

    Sometimes this problem will occur because of cookies also. so delete all cookies first and then click on refresh button.and then try to access your account. if you are facing that problem again then try to change DNS server as mention above. and then login you facebook account. i am sure that now you can access your account.
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