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Thread: Net use GUI?

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    Net use GUI?

    I am a VPN user, using my connection on a DELL computer with the windows XP operating system, which runs very good and deciding to migrate from the Novell to Microsoft AD. Placed all of the file resources links to the DFS link. By the using of the batch file I am able to see the user those are using the connection, and to map their connection. Every user with their user-name and the password can command to their unique batch file. Is there anyone will have the source to see the GUI interface to the user. Whenever they used to connect to the net, in the back ground it flashes some value to the user. The problem is whenever they used to disconnect from the GUI interface, before that, it should disconnect from the VPN connection. It disconnects from their drives before coming out from the VPN. Any suggestion will be appreciated….

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    Re: Net use GUI?

    You should check the VPN connection, for the user interface. The tool (Novell) that you have mentioned in your post. It is a multinational software and the service provider, it provides the specialized operating system for the enterprises, such as the SUSE Linux Enterprise and the Novell Net ware. It featured as the security, identification of the software and it also provides the solution of the system management. Such type of the services are Novell Group wise and the Novell Pulse. So I would like to suggest you to check the system that you have for the VPN connection, run the system management tool for the any type of the error detection.

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    Re: Net use GUI?

    As per my knowledge the Novell software is build for the making of a focus for the development of software and the technology. This technology is consists the emergence of the LAN connectivity. This is used to moderate the model of mainframe computing technique. It is also use to change the model of the main frame to the world wide computing technology. Now a days it is used very much for creating the open source software for the companies.

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    Re: Net use GUI?

    I had the similar issue then i tried this with the script which may help you overcome from the problem regarding the VPN connectivity. This script is used for the GUI interface of the user , it is also for the user drive tracking.
    Public Const INFINITE = -1
    Public Sub ShellWait(ByVal FileName As String, Optional WindowStyle As Variant)
    Dim idProc As Long
    Dim hProc As Long
    ' start program and save PID
    idProc = VBA.Shell(FileName, WindowStyle)
    _ALL_ACCESS, False, idProc)
    'wait till program has finished
    If hProc <> hNull Then' get process handle
    hProc = OpenProcess(PROCESS
    Call WaitForSingleObject(hProc, INFINITE)
    Call CloseHandle(hProc)
    End If
    End Sub
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    Re: Net use GUI?

    I had the similar problem with my computer which runs in the Windows XP operating system. I tried with some net use commands in to my computer, which is for the asking the user name and the password for the connection, instead of having them into the DOS mode window. It simply an command prompt for the login into the system. But I did no able to do this, after that I tried with the VB script. I prefix a command in the prefix of the prompt that is "CMD /C net use * \\ServerName1\ShareName2”. This is used to run the batch file of the user those are connection with the system, it will also used for the VPN connection. I suggest you to use this commend prompt for the each user of the connection. You can also look into the START command in the DOS mode of the window. Along this you should also run the windows API service into your computer.

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