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Thread: 3d Technology What The.....?

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    3d Technology What The.....?

    Hello friends,

    Surfing internet trying to understand what is 3d technology? If you say you have to see it to understand, well, that's the problem. Can anybody explain in steps from 1 to howeverfar it goes what it takes to have a 3d result on PC? I mean if you go to nvidia's site you see something like buy this kit and have 3d on your PC, but I think that's not the only thing you need. And you have this 3d monitors from Zalman, and they say you don't need that Nvidia's glasses. And guys who would get angry when one calls a 120Hz monitor a 3d monitor, saying it is not a 3d monitor it just a monitor with high refresh rate. And those having a monitor, glasses, having problems with drivers which are not ok for any videocard.... so could anyone tell step by step how to get a 3d, in all possible ways, is there only one road to 3d, or not
    something like
    Way A: 1. 120Hz monitor + 2.Nvidia GTX480(drivers included) + .....
    Way B: 1. 3d monitor + stereoscopic glasses + ......
    Way C: 1. forget about it....
    but please don't write something like, that's all you need a 120Hz monitor, Nvidia's 3d vision glasses, and oh stupid of course a 3d movie, cause when I get all this, insert my Blu-Ray disk into my BD-Rom I realise that I do not have a software (something like power dvd 10) to play it on high-end PC
    Please simply with details, and examples

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    Re: 3d Technology What The.....?

    Well, obviously you will need software as well as hardware that supports 3d technology, so that you can view movies, games, and many more things in 3d. If you want to get some knowlegde on same then start reading on 3d technlogy, there are many examples on the net. Refer to some similar type of technical querries here - How to create a 3D image
    How to watch 3d movies on computer
    Alioscopy 3D Display Requires No Glasses

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