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Thread: My IE 9 always stop working and reopen

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    My IE 9 always stop working and reopen

    I am using internet Explore on my system on my system from the last 2 years. Initially i was using the internet Explorer 8 version and it was working smooth. As Microsoft released the beta version of the internet explorer, then i changed my system with the new one. The problem started as i changed my internet Explore to 9. The problem i am getting is that when i am working on internet explorer, it stops working and reopen again. This thing keeps on happening after few minutes of work. I am very much frustrated with this issue. So i require your help on this issue. I hope that you will provide me the best one. Thanks.

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    Re: My IE 9 always stop working and reopen

    I will recommend you to disable your add-ons and then try to browse the internet. In order to disable the internet you will need to follow the steps which i am providing below-
    - First click on the start menu
    - Then go to All Programs option
    - Then go to Accessories option
    - Then go to System Tools
    - Finally you need to click on the Internet Explorer(No add-ons).
    Try this out and reply me what output you get.

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    Re: My IE 9 always stop working and reopen

    I have a fix for this issue. Try this solution.
    • Go to the tools option in the browser
    • Then after click Manage Add-ons option
    • After doing that click on the Toolbar and Extensions option
    • There is a show option where you need to click All add-ons
    • After that click any add-on from the list
    • Then need to press CTRL + A on your keyboard for selecting all the add-ons
    • Finally click on disable all option and close the window.

    I think now you are done with it.

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    Re: My IE 9 always stop working and reopen

    When i have installed the internet Explore 9 browser, then i also use to get the same issue. The problem caused by EmbedDetectNow.dll. I have solved issue by a implementing a good solution. I am providing you the solution you can make a try of it. Go to the manage add-ons option and there you have to inactive tunder pic download. I hope that doing this will help your issue.

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    Re: My IE 9 always stop working and reopen

    Even i am getting the same issue on my machine. I want to tell you one thing that before i was not getting this issue on my IE 8 browser. Do any one have some other solution?, as i have tried all the solutions which are provided above and even after doing that i am not able to get the problem solved. Some time i feel that there can be problem with machine, but i am not sure about it. So i require your support. I will be waiting for the reply, as i want to solve this issue as early as i can because, i am not able to use my internet at the home.

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    Re: My IE 9 always stop working and reopen

    I think that your problem might be coming from the corrupted installation. You can follow the instructions given below.
    1. -Click the Start button
    2. -Then type Programs and Features in the search box
    3. -Click View installed updates
    4. -Now you need to right click Windows Internet Explorer 9
    5. -Now click on the uninstall option.
    6. -After uninstalling restart the system

    Now you will be getting IE 8 again.

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