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Thread: How to use Encoder Mainconcept

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    How to use Encoder Mainconcept

    Brief Description :
    Main Concept is a software encoding widespread and economically. This program encodes both standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD), in formats such as MPEG-2 and H.264 formats. One of the strengths of this software is that it is available in full trial version fully functional. The only limit is the logo "Main Concept" in a corner of the image encoded. The trial version allows you to make sure your encoding works perfectly before purchasing the software. We regularly recommend this software because of its ability and ease of use.

    How to Install :
    To facilitate the encoding task, we created our presets for different video players. Before going further, we suggest you download the preset that corresponds to your reader from the official site. Once the correct file returned, you must import into Reference using the "Preset Manager" software. Launch the application and select Windows -> Preset Manager... from the menu.

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    Re: How to use Encoder Mainconcept

    When the Preset Manager is open, click Import and select the preset file you downloaded. Your preset will appear in the Preset Manager. Click Close to return to the main screen.

    Select a preset :
    Now that your presets are loaded into Reference, you're ready to use to encode videos for your player Alcorn McBride. Section Outputin the lower right corner of the window has a box that lets you choose a preset. Scroll to get to the section Custom, right at the bottom of the list. Here you will find the list of presets for Alcorn McBride, red.

    You'll realize that there are several presets for each product. Any of these presets work, but they can optimize the encoding, depending on your source file. For example, encode a PAL to NTSC no sense, unless you need to broadcast the video in NTSC. Depending on the product, you should take into account certain considerations, such as HD (720p or 1080i for example) and codec (MPEG-2 or H264). Our readers can read HD files without audio, so we provide presets for encoding files without audio.

    Select audio and video :
    Once your preset is selected, the next step is to select audio and video that you encode. To add a file, click the Open Media or select File -> Open Media... from the menu program. Choose your listings source and click Open.

    Your file should now appear in the list input. Details on the parameters of the files you have selected are also present in this list. You can see for example if your file contains audio, video or both. You will also notice a checkbox next to each file. This dialog box lets you specify whether to include this file in your output file. It is important to remember that some of our products, such as video or Binloop DVM7400 need an audio file, even if audio is not used in your application. You must associate a sound file, including including silencers, as long as your video file. This is done, you must select the tracks required by the preset. If your needs only preset video, you select a video file. If you need audio and video, you must select two. If you need a vez audio file and it does not appear in the list, you still need some work and select an audio file on your hard drive.

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    Re: How to use Encoder Mainconcept

    Encode video :
    You're almost ready. You just have to choose a location for the file that you create. To do this, click the Browse for File Output section at the bottom of the Output of Reference. If you do not want to save your file to the default location, you are free to select another.

    Before the finals, some checks:
    1. Make sure the preset you have selected corresponds to your reader Alcorn McBride.
    2. Check your preset needs only to video, or audio and video.
    3. If your preset has no audio, check that the quantity of selected video files is an, and the amount of audio files is 0.
    4. If you are going to encode an audio + video, check that the quantity of video files is 1 and the amount of audio files is 1.
    5. Double-check the location you have selected for the output file.

    Now click the Start Transcoding icon or select Transcode -> Start Transcoding from the menu. Once encoding is complete, you will get a file that you can play with your player Alcorn McBride. The next step is to assign a file name and extension compatible with your player. Alcorn McBride each player has its own specifics at this level.

    Filenames - DVM7400:
    These drives read only files MPEG-2 SD (standard definition) with audio and video. The extension used for files "program stream" (PS) is compatible with these drives always . mpg. If you need to do tests with these files or if you program the system Show Control of attraction that will use these files, there are other considerations that you should consider.

    Filenames - DVM8400 Binloop HD and Digital :
    Our readers HD (high definition) can play different video formats. If you used a preset "Transport Stream (TS) for your file, the extension must be . MPG. The presets "elementary stream" (ES) are used with 3 different file types, each with its own extension:

    ES = MPEG2 . M2V
    ES = H264 . H264
    VC-1 ES = . VC1
    If you need to do tests with these files or if you program the system Show Control of attraction that will use these files, there are other considerations that you should consider.

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    Re: How to use Encoder Mainconcept

    MainConcept world, adding audio and video encoding, decoding, transcoding and streaming software for applications.While leading provider of software development kit to make it possible to use the MainConcept MPEG-2 plug-quality MPEG-2 files to SVCD for production or other purposes, our goal to use DVD authoring programs is to provide the highest possible quality MPEG-2 files.

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    Re: How to use Encoder Mainconcept

    Hy everyone, I have a problem with transcoding into MainConcept and I hope you can give me a hand with it.

    I've been trying to transcode some AVCHD footage I shot into Avid Composer and as I got the message that the frame rate (50 fps) is different to that of the project's frame rate I tried multiple ways of transcoding it (with MainConcept and not only) into something better suited like 25, 24 or 29.97 fps. The problem is that every time the result features a faster video (almost twice as fast) that is out-of-sync with the audio. Any ideas? I really tried over 4 different softwares and around 10-15 variations of transcoding options in MainConcept and still no luck. It's probably something very easy and silly, a rookie mistake, but Id be very thankful if you help me figure out how to get my movies to an adequate form so I can start editing them with Avid.

    Thanks a bunch, hope you can help me!

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    Re: How to use Encoder Mainconcept

    Hi gillraen,

    You can also get another best software that I found to do this transcode with the TMPEnc 4.x Express. It allows a great deal of flexibility, including the ability to render out pulldown frames from 24 fps material. It's relatively fast, and you can choose to transcode to many different codecs. While I don't have specific experience with MainConcept'ss conversion software, I can tell you that I tried many conversion packages.

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