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Thread: facebook error page down

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    facebook error page down

    I use internet very frequently and try to use the social networking sites as the facebook i try to connect to it via emails,when i try it using it says that the page is down, even various search options are tried even then it gives the same feedback that the site is not available please let me know what is the actual problem.

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    Re: facebook error page down

    This is the problem which i am facing from long time before i am unable to be in contact with this social networking sites so please guide me with this problem which i can overcome the problem of page not found.what are the different alternatives which you can provide so that i can be in touch with this sites.

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    Re: facebook error page down

    If you are facing for the problem as facebook error page down for the social networking sites then can do one thing as you can can wait for sometime or can try it out after sometime.You can try out the facebook applications later so that it can be functioning later.
    refreshment of page can help in functioning of applications.
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    Re: facebook error page down

    The problem facing one the internet for the social networking sites of as error page down can be the problem of the server it is one the temporary server problem which lasts for sometime it can be refreshed on its own you just have to wait for some time.You can try out the applications for the facebook later which might solve your problem later.

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    Re: facebook error page down

    For the social networking site facebook error page down is the most frequently occuring error, which has led to keep away from the friends which has caused a major problem and requires a better solution so that problem may be sorted out as soon as possible.It requires the quick measures so that the better alternatives can be available.
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