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Thread: ipconfig doesn't work at all

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    ipconfig doesn't work at all

    I am having an issue using the 'ipconfig' command with the Command prompt. Whenever i am running the command it is telling that the command is not recognized as an internal command. I just simply typed the 'ipconfig /all' command and getting the same error. I am unable to get it working with the same. If you are having any suggestion please let me know. Thank in advance.

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    Re: ipconfig doesn't work at all

    To work with the issue i will advise you to go through the below given step that will help you to resolve the issue related to the same which you are going through. So go through the step ad get it working with the issue of yours.
    • Right click on My Computer
    • Then select Properties
    • Go to Advanced Tab
    • Click Environment Variables
    • Go to System Variable section
    • Look For path and enter "%SystemRoot%\system32;%SystemRoot%;%SystemRoot%\System32\Wbem"
    • You are done.

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    Re: ipconfig doesn't work at all

    As per your issue let me tell you that you need to check whether the ipconfig.exe file is existing into the system of yours or not. To check the same you have to get into the System32 folder and look for the ipconfig.exe. if it is not exiting there then you need to repair the Windows which will fix the issue with the same.

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    Re: ipconfig doesn't work at all

    To work with the issue i have checked the Antivirus program. I have checked the Firewall setting also. Just get into the Advance Security Setting and unchecked the stealth blocked ports. It resolve the issue of mine. I have also disable the anti virus program which are causing the issue. So if you like then go through the same.

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