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Thread: FASTEST download speed ever

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    FASTEST download speed ever

    I have a simple question in my mind that what maximum download speed
    you have seen in your life on any browser. I am talking about the file download. Actually since i have recently downloaded the Microsoft Windows Vista operating system and i got a download speed of 4000kb/s max but just for few seconds. Then it felled to the 35,000kb/s.

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    Re: FASTEST download speed ever

    You have noted the 35-40000 kb/s which is about 3.41 Mb/s, so i guess this speed is not much as compare to the fastest speed. I am having the 8 meg connection which some time beat up to 78,000kb/s as well but that is the happiness just for few seconds. So i guess this thread gonna be having many interesting records of an internet connections. Lets see what comes here.

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    Re: FASTEST download speed ever

    I have seen it somewhere that one 75 year old woman from the Swedish Carlsbad is one in the history of the Internet. Sigbritt Lothberg uses according to a report of the Swedish online service as "The Local" a connection with the record speed of 40 gigabits per second (Gbit / s). It had the senior citizen until recently, no computer at all. But i believe in today's super computer world, There must be something better then this as well.

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    Re: FASTEST download speed ever

    The speed of 40 Gbit / s is made possible by a new modulation technique that ensures data transfer between two routers for a distance of more than 2,000 kilometers. According to Karlstad Stadsn├Ąt Distance is not important as long as there is a fiber link. Sigbritt can now theoretically simultaneously to 1,500 high-definition TV programs to access.
    Alternatively, you can download a DVD in HD quality in just two seconds from the Internet.

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    Re: FASTEST download speed ever

    The download speed is really difficult on the browser, but mainly by your Internet bandwidth, the speed of the download server and the load on the server. Trying times but with the Firefox download manager and accelerator DownThemAll!, Who apparently are good seems to be something together (was the Mozilla add-on site over 30 million copies downloaded and has an average)

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