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Thread: What happens to messages marked as Phishing Scam?

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    What happens to messages marked as Phishing Scam?

    yesterday i was cleaning up my email account and by mistake i marked a couple of messages as "Phishing Scam". So i would like to get back those emails so is there anyway to do so. Can anybody tell me that where mails goes when i mark it as a "Phishing Scam" and is it possible to restore that email ?

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    Re: What happens to messages marked as Phishing Scam?

    Phishing Scam are messages which are marked as junk or you may say useless by an user itself. So when that user deletes any mail from the junk folder or Phishing scam folder then they are removed from right away from your account. I think you wont be able to restore the messages which you have deleted from the phishing scam folder.

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    Re: What happens to messages marked as Phishing Scam?

    When you delete any messages from your Junk or Scam folder then as soon as you click on delete button, You get a Warning message that the mails which are trying to delete will not be restored in future which means that they wont be coming back from any other source. So you must have got the same warning while removing the mails from your Phishing Scam folder so i think you can do nothing now.

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    Re: What happens to messages marked as Phishing Scam?

    There is one possibility that Hotmail might be having the Junk mails which you have deleted but for which you have to provide them your Email ID so that they can check that the Junk mails deleted by the particular ID are still there or not. If there would be any then they will send it back to your Junk mails and then you may move any important mail to your Inbox. So i think you should contact the Hotmail for getting back your deleted mails.

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    Re: What happens to messages marked as Phishing Scam?

    I suggest you to contact with the Hotmail Customer Service as they must be helpful to you to get your deleted emails. You have to log in in your hotmail account then click on Help which is on an upper right corner of the Hotmail page. Then you have to put information as per your choice while filling up the Contact Form.

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